When we talk to coaches about marketing, we encourage them to get clear on their limits and boundaries and how to attribute value to what they do and what they think is they want — or need.

In the first chapter of our Coach’s Marketing Journey course, MINDSET, I introduce people to my Limits Compass…

I spend a lot of time thinking about what will make me and others feel better. This drives my prioritisation of things — some might call this a strength (poetic Andrew Batterham has kindly described it as “being able to move from subjective to objective without losing detail”.

Here are some of my limits, interests and boundaries:

I have two small kids.

I don’t love tech.

I love working with people I emotionally energised by.

I’m not interested in being pushed too far by people in an unsafe way.

These limits hugely shape what I do professionally, and with whom. When I get clear about them, I can talk far more openly and confidently about how I’m different from Simon Batchelar, for example. Plus, I can begin to talk with confidence about what my ‘Zone of Genius ‘ is…

I’m emotionally intelligent, imaginative, sensitive, passionate, and mindful.

I have a great memory for what people stand for.

I connect deeply with people quickly.

I enjoy relationship building.

I get a lot from nurturing others and I love building relationships.

I enjoy being generous with my knowledge and energy.

On the Coach’s Marketing Journey course, I also take people through an exercise of creating an “Origami Value Setter”. The goal is to get clear on what the values are that influence your behaviour or sense of ‘what good looks like’. I’ve chosen:








The premise is that you can use the value setter to help with setting daily and bigger goals in both your self-development and your marketing practice.

Some of the ones I like for me are:

To Practice Creativity

To Meditate on The Worth of Learning

To Emphasise and Practice Forgiveness

To Enjoy and champion the Process of Learning

Much of what we do in the Better Bolder Braver community is about clarity. For one of our members, Charles Davies, Clarity is the very centre of his coaching approach. You can check out a wonderful interview with Charles, which is part of our Marketing Masterclass series here:

Coaches — Your goals are my goals. In getting to know you, I am getting to know what you want and need, and what I can serve. In getting clear on that, I am getting more confident that I am doing the right thing. If I don’t want to do the work involved, I’ll pivot. And I’ll always show my workings out loud — for the accountability and so that I’m being clear.




Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.

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Frances Khalastchi

Frances Khalastchi

Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.

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