WORKING OUT LOUD: Pivoting with Pride


At the beginning of December, Simon Batchelar and I started — and quickly stopped — selling a five month immersive “accelerator” course that we decided not to run. This decision was inspired by a number of important things:


Simon is trained in mental health first aid, and saw signs that I might burn out if we went ahead with the course — there would be so much going on in terms of material to design and time to commit in addition to what we already had going on, alongside some other things I was balancing outside of the community. For someone who prides themselves on emotional insight and helps others work with how they are FEELING, I was amazed I had not seen myself how challenging it would be for me to deliver something to the degree that I wanted to without something having to give.


I was invited — as a Happy Startup School community “Firestarter” (thank you Carlos Saba!) — to be interviewed by Lana Kristine Jelenjev and Kai Brouwer, who are building a human-centred platform for communities. Lana is the designer of the “Community Alchemy Framework”, which focuses on five Pillars of community building: People, Purpose, Practices, Processes and Partnerships. She models why she is best placed to help community founders build better by talking us through her own story on her website.

In the process of being interviewed, I realised that what I really want to spend energy on right now is making my community the most inclusive, useful and enjoyable place for coaches wanting to put themselves out there ethically and with purpose and focus. So — rather than necessarily create another space within a space, I would like right now to make sure that the Better Bolder Braver community is meeting all its members where they are right now.


We were getting a lot of positive feedback from people in our community about our original course, The Coach’s Marketing Journey. Also, people really wanted some accountability and group work to help them to process the course materials, which they were finding profound and game-changing.

Our first Coach’s Marketing Journey check in session on 11th January 2022

Watch this open conversation with one such Better Bolder Braver community member, Kieran Morris. We had been open with Kieran (who is someone who empowers people to speak with confidence and joy), who is on our Coach’s Marketing Journey course and was close to signing up to our next, bigger programme — The Braver Way.

An expert on articulation, Kieran explains on this video how — partly as a result of seeing us being open and “working out loud” — he has been motivated to really get clear and get going with his own product.

To summarise: People had signed up for our course and were about to pay us £3,000 to do it. We told them honestly and without losing faith why we’d prefer not to. We could do this because they trusted us and we trusted them.

Tomorrow, I will talk about how Simon Batchelar and I are always putting our customers first… and at the same time ourselves. Watch out for DAY 4: STARTING WITH WHO: My People.

This post follows on from DAY 2: MY MANIFESTO: Owning My Shizzle



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Frances Khalastchi

Frances Khalastchi

Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.